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Public Roadmap

North Commerce has been in development since May of 2021. We have spent lots of time iterating over various implementations to build an easy to use, scalable ecommerce solution within the context of WordPress in its Gutenberg era. 

We have made architecture decisions that empower all of our customers to have a much easier experience designing stores and selling products. Previously you would have had to hunt for plugins and figure out why your store broke or took more than a few seconds to load.

One of our fundamental principles within North Commerce is:  A customer should enjoy all of the benefits of WordPress and the technologies it's built on top of without having any knowledge of those technologies. 

We have spent a lot of time, have asked for lots of second opinions and we believe our current implementations will serve all of you, our customers very very well. 

You will install North Commerce on YOUR WordPress site, own all of YOUR own data and have complete freedom and ownership as you would with WordPress. We will never host your orders, products, etc on our servers. That belongs to you.

Our plan is to aggressively push for an early 2023 launch of our RC1, finalize some partnerships with hosting companies and then launch V1.