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New updates and improvements to North Commerce

November 11th 2022

Shipping Profiles + Live Mode For Everyone

Please forgive us for not updating the changelog often enough. The most recent update includes Shipping Profiles, Zones and Rates (Both Flat Rate & Calculated Via Easy Post). 

We have also removed the restriction that a license is required to accept live payments. Our "Pro" version of North will include more power user features. Now everyone free or paid can setup a store and accept live payments via Stripe or Paypal.

March 1st 2022

Our Progress + Discord

We are moving along at a very steady speed to launch v1 of North Commerce. I realize that I haven't kept everyone that checks the Changelog up to date. Currently I do most of the updating in our Discord server. I also host weekly AMAs. Each week I share our progress and I love to have discussions with all of you about the progress, features or bugs that are discovered as we release things.

You can join the discord here: CLICK TO JOIN

We are finalizing how we want to manage our API now that db schema's are looking good!

We are finishing the checkout page and that looks beautiful.

Single Page Checkout builder is getting to a good point. We will probably release that soon.

And we are reworking the builder for the other ecommerce components and we will have WAY more control than previously planned. Now that we are getting closer to launching and testing more we are seeing some bottle necks with our previous plan. Happy with where we are at and grateful for all of your support and patience.

November 17th 2021

Closed Beta Roll Out

We are getting close to the end of the year and all of the exciting holidays that come during this time.

Before we all step away from our computers and work for the holiday's I want to give you some updates about the closed beta of North Commerce.

We have learned a lot during this process and sometimes there is certain things you can't plan for when in the UI/UX phase of building something like this.

The plan always has been to release a single page checkout form during closed beta with the builder so everyone could get a feel for what it will be like while being able to create beautiful sales pages or funnels.

That plan ☝️ is changing....

Here is what we are going to do and we felt this will provide a way more meaningful plugin for you all to experiment with during the closed beta.

The closed beta rollout:

We will now be releasing the close beta out in 5 phases. Each phase will be a different step in an ecommerce flow with the exception of the single page checkout forms.

Here is a quick little rundown of what that will look like:

Each element will be a single template design with no builder. (If you want to customize the template you can simply add some CSS to the page you've added the shortcode to).

We will release in this order:

1. Single Page Checkouts (Great for sales pages and funnels)
2. Product Page Template
3. Product List (A collection view of all of your products)
4. Cart Page / Cart Icon (item count)
5. Ecommerce Checkout Form

While all these will be templated designs they will provide you with all the tools you'll need to create an actual ecommerce site for yourself or clients.

Originally we weren't going to allow anyone to go to production or test it out on a real website until start of next summer but we want to release all these templates by the end of the year or early January 2022.

The price for the closed beta will cost $349 and will be available for 1 week. (Date of Release TBD)

This will include:

  • Lifetime Unlimited Site License - Never pay again for an update or integration
  • Single Page Checkout Forms
  • Product Page Templates
  • Product Lists
  • Cart Pages / Cart Icon
  • Ecommerce Checkout Form
  • Ecommerce Micro Builder
  • Priority Support
  • Top Integration & Feature Requests Priority

This will be the best deal we will ever do in the history of North Plugin. Once we roll out v1 the price will be $15 / month for 1 single site.

The closed beta version of the plugin will still work with every theme and builder so you won't be restricted. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or chat with me in the Discord.

August 27th 2021

Email HTML/CSS Editor

We are working toward finishing up email notifications. SMS notifications will come later. We will be integrating with Twilio and you will provide your own Twilio SIDs for that integration if that is something you hope to offer to your customers. But for emails you can create your very own templates. We will have default notification templates that you can use immediately out of the box or you can create your own. 

A few things to keep in mind when creating email templates for all of your notifications:

1. All styles need to be inline. This is just the nature of emails and compatiability

2. You can add any custom field you'd like to these emails. Please keep in mind that when you are wanting to add an overview of a customers orders with all the line items the you will just need to create one section with one product and that section will be duplicated for each line item

3. Adding and editing custom fields will be as easy as typing a / and then selecting what you are looking for from the drop down menu. 

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

August 20th 2021

Email & SMS Notifications

One of the things that every store should be doing for their customers after they purchase a product is sending an email or SMS confirmation that their order has been completed. Each of these email & sms notifications can be fully customized.

You can use any email builder you are familar with, like Stripo, Unlayer or even create one yourself. Copy and paste the html and css inside of the email template editing area and save it. You will be able to easily add any dynamic content too; for example you want to add the first and last name of a customer, the products they purchased and their VAT number. You will be able to easily add those fields anywhere in the email.

Currently we have just created the notification class that manages the state of notifications. So right now you are able to preview what type of emails will be available not how the email template editing area will work (yet).

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

August 13th 2021

Order review screen

Order review screen is (basically done). There are something we can't finish up until we work on some order/checkout stuff but you can still get a basic idea of what it looks like and how things will function.  In order to view this screen right now you will need to go to the Orders screen and then click on one of the order numbers. 

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

August 2nd 2021

Bulk actions

I'm starting to get worse and worse when it comes to updating the changelog. We have made some updates to backend and how products are handled. We have also added bulk actions on products so you can delete, archive or publish an array of products.

And now we are working on bulk actions for orders along with the order overview screen. This is where you will be able to review customer order information. 

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

July 23rd 2021

Add products

The team has been working diligently to deliver a stable final build to you so you will be able to use North Commerce on your production sites.

We have finished product creation. You are able to now:

1. Create 3 different product types
2. Publish, Schedule or Draft products
3. Add as many variations as you'd like to a product
4. Add images, change featured images that will be displayed first for every product
5.  Add bump pricing if you decide you want to offer this product as an order bump with different order bump pricing
6. Set SKUs & Quantity

There are a few more things we will be adding to products before we call it 100% completed but as of now it's about 90% done.

Quick Side Update: We have finished the planning phase for how the builder will work and started laying out the design and some core functionality. Preview of builder coming soon.

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

June 30th 2021

Product List

The product list is where you will manage all of your different product types. North Commerce will (out of the box) provide 3 different product types. 

  • One time products - A digital or physical product that will only be purchased once.
  • Subscription products - A subscription to a membership site or sending out vitamins on a monthly basis
  • Payment plan products - Selling a higher ticket item and giving customers the option to pay in installments

Next the team will be working on product creation. 

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce

June 22nd 2021


Introducing the first build of the pre-alpha. While this build may not include a checkout flow, you’ll be able to experiment with a few of the core pages of the plugin.

You can see these screens, Overview, Orders, Settings & Integrations. In this particular build functionality is lacking, however you will still be able to get an overall feel for the admin side of things. 

  • The overview screen has only placeholder data
  • View orders with sample data
  • Integration Screen
  • Settings Screen

You can try out the build below. 👇

Start Testing:
Username: demo
Password: commerce