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The most powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress

Built to scale with tools for drag & drop web designers

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What we are building

Admin side of north commerce

Client side of north commerce

North Commerce

Build beautiful, high converting ecommerce websites with any WordPress theme or builder.

Custom Product Pages

Create 100% customizable product pages. Set template rules to apply different designs or layouts for product types, categories or specific products.

Custom Checkout Page

Create customizable checkout forms and offer your customer's pre or post order upsells. 

Meet the team building the next generation of ecommerce on WordPress

The North Team

Kelley Muro - Founder

Kelley has built dozens ecommerce websites for the last 7 years and has managed a half dozen ecommerce websites that currently generate over $2M / year. He has also built 1 SAAS called Forward Forms but has generally spent the last 7 years in ecommerce. Kelley is currently bootstrapping this entire project and is motivated and inspired by the community every day.

Dima Davidiuk - Full Stack Developer

Dima is a North Commerce original! He is from Ukraine and has been incredibly inspiring; contributing to the project and helping his country as it experiences a war. Dima is a full stack developer that handles LOTS of the admin side of North and is now working on a lot of the front end components. Dima has TONS of experience working on WordPress projects and has proven himself as a major expert in the WordPress ecosystem.

Ben Simon - Full Stack Developer

Ben Simon is a software developer with more than nineteen years of software development experience. He has worked for a Fortune 500 company, several startups and has also done private consulting work. Ben has handled our entire "Server Side API" as well as our schema creation mechanism, security and our REST API. Ben has been a huge contribution to North.

Carefully engineered to scale

The North Commerce API Engine and custom tables empower you to scale your store.

North Queries are 4x faster than woocommerce

This means your customer can see products, add to cart, and checkout 4x faster with North Commerce

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Micro Builder

Introducing the first ecommerce microbuilder for WordPress

Our micro builder will be compatiable with every WordPress theme and builder via shortcodes. You will create all of your ecommerce components inside of the North Commerce plugin then copy and paste the generated shortcode anywhere you want on your website.

Ecommerce components

  • Product Pages
  • Product Collection Pages
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Best sellers
  • One Click Upsells Buttons
  • Customer Email Templates
  • Admin Email Templates
  • SMS Notification Templates

Shortcode compatibility

Each component created with the North Commerce Micro Builder will generate a shortcode. You can paste this shortcode anywhere you want this element to appear giving you full freedom to use any WordPress theme or builder you would like.

Universally compatible

  • Oxygen Builder
  • Divi Builder
  • Elementor Builder
  • Astra Theme
  • Bricks Builder
  • Kadence
  • Beaver Builder
  • Gutenberg & FSE
  • & many many more

Compatible with your favorite themes and builders

& many many more

Sell any type of product

Offer one-time, subscription or payment plan products

One time Products

Offer one time products to all of your customers with unlimited variations. Easy to setup sales prices and create custom product overview pages with our micro builder.

Subscription products

You can sell subscriptions to a membership site or offer your customers a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription to your physical product.

Payment Plan Products

Are you selling a big ticket item and want to offer payment plans? Automatically offer customers payment plans with an option to place a down payment.

Easy to ready admin dashboard

We are rooting for you. And will always help you build a successful ecomm store.


Easily, at a glance review all of your orders, subscriptions, AOV, top products and much much more! The overview screen helps you learn the health of your ecommerce site, giving you the information you need to improve your ecommerce sales.


Review all of your orders. Each order can be filtered by different statuses so you know exactly what phase of your fulfillment process your customers orders are at.


With North Commerce you can create 3 different product types directly out of the box.

  1. One time products - Your typical product that only requires the customer to pay once.
  2. Subscription Products - A recurring subscription for a membership site, a monthly health supplement, a service subscription or anything else you'd want to charge your customers weekly, monthly or yearly.
  3. Payment Plans - Break up a large payment into small weekly, monthly or yearly payments.


Create 2 different discount codes. Each type of discount codes will have conditional criteria you can set. The discount can be activated with certain WordPress roles, products, total order value and much much more.

  1. Coupon codes - These are codes your customers can add to their order to receive any the specified discount you set in the settings.
  2. Automatic Codes - These are discount that are automatically added to your customer's orders upon checkout.